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   So far so good. I really don't know how to explain it all to those who have started this fight. It is a Hell on earth and minutes seem like days at times and months like years. There is light at the end of the tunnel though, yet be prepared, things change. It will slowly grow on you and what once wasn't normal will be the new normal, not good not bad... just different. For me the difference is scars, swallowing, no saliva glands working, thyroid, false teeth, and advanced arthritis in my neck. Oh yea, and on good days I sound like Wolfman Jack, bad days I don't sound. Where I once kept my hair and face shaved, wore only what was best, I changed. My taste buds changed. My sense of smell changed. I lost some sight and hearing. Neuropathy in my face, hands, and feet. I have to watch out for infections, especially if it involves the throat. I tire easily. But that isn't the part I want to tell people, for that isn't all. 

  Be prepared for other changes, I'll explain. I use to sweat the small stuff. I worried how I looked. I lived each day like life would never end, but most of this changed even before the throat cancer after a heart attack and the diagnosis of a Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2005. The Esophageal Cancer in 2009 even added to that which I learned in 2005. This has taught me to not sweat the small stuff, or get caught up in trivial things. It taught me to not live my life watching others live a false life on TV. This teaches us that tomorrow may never come, so do your best each day as if it was the last day. It teaches us that real faith is when one is tried and tested, when we are at the end of the rope... yet we are relieved. Stripped of our pride, independence, looks, and material wants... we find peace and true wealth. We know that life at it's best is a whisper in the wind and passes in the blink of an eye. We know how to appreciate and work with what we have left rather than complain about what is lost, for more is found than lost.


  I know the ones who were near and the ones who weren't, yet all is well. I learned the tracks in the sand poem and what it felt like to be the one carried. I learned I am never alone unless I choose to be. That I am loved and important. My bucket list went from silly things to things of faith and expressions. To actions given from myself to others, just as God gives us, deserving or not. I learned that maybe the reason Angels can fly is that they take themselves so lightly. For those going into this Hell I can say that I also relearned what I did the night I died from a heart attack. Be it good or bad, no moment lasts forever. Therefore cherish the good and endure the bad... knowing this too shall pass. If you ever need someone to lean on I am here. If you need a shoulder just ask. You can do this. God Bless.


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Danean, Danean sent you a prayer.
Danean sent you a hug.
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Thats all so true.. hugs and love Sabina
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Gotta love that approach. I feel like - as weird as it sounds - the fight to get beyond the tumor and the treatment was the best thing to ever happen to me - intellectually and spiritually!!!
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I really enjoyed reading your post. Last radiation for my throat cancer tomorrow -hmmm wonder how different things will be...
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That is cause for celebration Larry. Things will be different, but thats ok too. Prayers that you adjust well. Congratulations.
Amen! What a beautiful post from a kind and tested soul this is. It reminds me of something Mac would post. (If you don't know Mac on here, please look him up. His posts would resonate with you, I'm certain.) God bless you! And by the way, you look great! Danean
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Thank you Denean. I will look him up. God Bless, Anthony
Thank you for a beautiful post! I too have learned alot in my journey of faith. I thank God for bringing me to remission and helping me to see what life is really all about. God Bless
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And the winner is....

2 weeks ago Dr Panella done the follow-up at UT and called me in remission. I was tickled but held my breathe that 2 weeks from his check-up Dr Rathfoot, the ENT that found the tumor) would say the same. That happened Monday! I'll still need a couple of surgeries inside to repair the damage area from the radiation, but they're light surgeries. Thank God. Now for the funny part. In between the two weeks apart I had a light stroke. Nothing major and I'm still working on things going back to normal with my right side, made a few adjustments on how and what I do, but it's all good.
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Hi Anthony, What wonderful news! I love the word remission :) I am sorry that you had to experience a light stroke, or any stroke at all, especially during the waiting game, but you will persevere and overcome whatever challenges the little stroke caused you! I will say a little prayer for you that you stay in remission and that you make a complete and full recovery from the stroke. Take care and God Bless you and your family. Love, Amy
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Wow, you done already...I was seeing your "Info" section and thought you were in the middle of treatment. Sorry about the stroke - so far - so good from this end. Keep us posted - it's good to see everyones' healing path.
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I just found your blog and wanted to say hello from Dandridge! Love your website and your thoughtfulness. The best of luck to you- Kerry
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Thanks Amyrollison, Pat, and Kerry for the prayers and well wishes. Hello to Kerry in Dandridge, we're neighbors. I bounced back to almost no left over things from the stroke, and what is I've learned to work around. I start back my check-ups this month for the throat cancer. I have to get my NHL in line before then.
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We got a call from Ruth at UT on the scan of my lungs, head, & throat. All clear... except for the radiation and chemo damage. Thank God. 1 cancer down and 1 to go.
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rollerFetching more entries....

Vital Info


December 13, 2009

White Pine, Tennessee 37890

July 8, 1960

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Throat Cancer

Squamous Cell. Also have Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Stage 3A

2.1 - 3.0 cm

Grade 2




pain, fatigue, helplessness

That they have a long way to go and I can go a lot farther with God's help than I ever thought possible.


no positives




Keep hydrated. Move about as best you can.

Prayer. Know that you are never alone unless you choose to be.

Throat : Kept getting a sore throat and difficulty breathing and swallowing. NHL : Tired and skin kept breaking out.

Scar tissue from radiation.

Dry Mouth. Lost body hair, Sick at stomach, weight loss.

I'm at #17 out of 35. Burning and dry mouth.







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